The Yomuuk Belt is a series of settlements built into a debris field in a star system within the Omega Nebula. A collection of trade outposts, repair stations, resource extraction operations and commercial facilities, it's lingered in the shadow of Omega and never achieved much in the way of fame, though it's reasonably lively and, in its way, prosperous. The controlling interest in the Yomuuk Belt is a collection of krogan clans, including holdouts of clans otherwise removed from power in more influential zones such as the former Krogan DMZ. After the Reaper War, with the genophage cure having been received by many Yomuuk krogan who went on pilgrimage to Tuchanka, the clans attempted to "legitimise" their influence and have formed a governing board. The uneasy peace between these clans, none of them really practiced at being a functional government rather than simply the toughest thugs on the block, is the source of constant drama and uncertainty. Nonetheless, it's one of several locations where krogan not affiliated with Clan Urdnot have taken up the role of "civilized" authority over their systems.

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