A human colony world. Infamously, an Eldfell-Ashland Energy vessel exploded in the planet’s atmosphere, exposing the colony to dust-form element zero. This resulted in children born with birth defects and tumors. Thirty-seven children, though, were not only born healthy but with biotic abilities.

The world of extranet conspiracy theory latched onto the idea that the explosion - and the two others on different colonies during the same time frame - was actually a plot by the Systems Alliance to create biotics. If true, then the Alliance would have sacrificed thousands of children for the biotic potential of thirty-seven, and the theory was widespread across Yandoa, where parents affected pressured the Alliance government - not Eldfell-Ashland - for reparations. After the Reaper War, investigations into the activities of Cerberus revealed that the Alliance, had, in fact, nothing to do with the ‘accidents’, and that the events were contrived by one of Cerberus’s cells active at the time. This information came too late for most of the residents of Yandoa, though, as almost all of the colonists were killed when the Reapers placed processing plants on the colony.

While Yandoa is still sealed behind the relay, a small community of former residents has been founded in Singapore.

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