The Xaphin is a long-standing and dependable turian freighter design used by a wide variety of traders, corporations and mining concerns across the galaxy. Known for its excellent cargo capacity, relatively low running costs and overall dependability, the Xaphin is one of the most ubiquitous freighters in Citadel Space, only losing out to the slightly more versatile Kowloon-class in recent years.

Another, less reputable reason the Xaphin is so popular is due to the fact that many smugglers and pirates also favour the class for its durability and modular construction which allows them to easily add additional armour and weapons to create low-cost raiding craft.

In fact, with minimal effort, a team of engineers can turn a Xaphin into a warship that can easily equal many light frigates in terms of firepower, if not manoeuvrability.


As a heavy freighter the Xaphin excels at carrying bulk goods over long distances. When modified into a warship, Xaphin variants are often used as assault frigates, relying on their heavy armour to protect them while they deal out heavy damage with their retrofitted weaponry.

Due to the lack of military heat sinks, retrofitted Xaphin-class ships tend to overheat rapidly, meaning they cannot last as long as conventional military craft in a straight-out firefight.


The AEGIS vessel Venomous Intent was a converted Xaphin-class.

The quarian vessel Jirko features components from a Xaphin-class ship.

The mercenary group Tarber's Jaws uses two Xaphin-class ships, with standard aftermarket modifications common to pirate and mercenary factions, as troop carriers.