Poster art for Who Goes There Part 2. Made by ESpiza.

Who Goes There, Part 2 is a continuation of the Who Goes There? story arc that took place on the Cerberus Daily News Forums between the months of February and July 2011. Starting in mid-August 2011, it covers a variety of events stretching across the Mass Effect galaxy, with a special focus on the STG's (and several other individuals') continued fight against the antagonist of the previous arc.


Like its predecessor, Who Goes There, Part 2 involves a massive cast from across the galaxy. Primary investigators and antagonists are listed below, in alphabetical order:


The primary antagonist of Who Goes There?

Since portions of WGT's storyline concerned public events, a number of other characters were involved in the storyline without being part of the investigation.


The whole saga!

  • Any Pilots Here Available for Hire?: A slowly-reestablishing Turnonav requests a pilot for uncertain terms. Also, some whining some human losers, but that’s not important. (Seriously.)
  • The Human Illium: Dietrich makes a rare personal visit with a contact…and discovers something incredible.
  • Buying In: Aphin brings in a few people to talk about certain events.
  • Live Feed: The original thread it was posted in.
  • Loose Ends: A dirt-digging reporter meets together a shady-looking salarian.
  • Let’s Do Something Fun!: Dietrich drops a hint, which is snagged by Turnonav almost immediately. (Only Page 55 is the relevant page.)
  • Quiet Before the Storm: Aphin lays out the details to the first batch of Investigators, and splits the team into three groups.

(The next three threads occur simultaneously):

  • The Scorpius Nebulae: Game rules are laid out, and Aphin takes his team back to Yomi in an attempt to find out what happened.


  • Interdaction: Dr. Scaramanji takes a small team to Prospero Station, to find an unnamed Broker.


  • Secrets and Shadows: Muckracker and Vohkaidan meet with Asharia, to learn what she knows of this debacle.
  • Double Trouble: Muckracker finds out from a friend in the medical trade that all is not what it seems with Aphin’s mention of a “Surrelian Fever” vaccine.
  • The Debrief: The long-awaited session following the first trio of missions, and an introduction to QoroQ.
  • Out In the Cold: The hunt takes them to Noveria, where all games end in tragedy.

The next thread occurs as a slight derail, after a certain crucial moment involving Aphin:

  • A Wake for a Friend: In the middle of a very long service, an elcor arrives with a telegram (the single post being the only WGT-relevant information).
  • Okay, I’m Back: Aphin finally broadcasts his return... and learns of a certain broker.
  • Widow: An adventurer's wife hears the worst of news.
  • Drinking for One: Aphin curls around a bottle, only to find out that absolutely NO ONE will leave him alone.
  • Operation Antivenom: An STG team, with a mysterious aura of immortality, takes up an attack on one front...

Additional Threads

STG Censorshp: Dwick and Terrorbyte are having an adventure apparently involving crew of the ill-fated Pequod. The STG, though, is censoring any comments that mention or include pictures of QoroQ, to the frustration of Juhani Alavirta, Kayana Pesh and others.