The Voyager-B class colony support vessel is a special-purpose ship model. Nicknamed "instant colony-in-a-box," the class is designed to accompany colonisation missions and vastly simplify the process of getting surface-based colonies established with a satisfactory baseline tech level.

The ships consist of a core spaceframe which supports a heavy payload of modular components, including power and atmosphere plants, water and soil scrubbers, communications base stations, machine shops and refinery modules, C&C centres, and all the other hardware a fledgling colony might need to get itself up and running. The core ship's unique quality is the power and robustness of its landing systems - despite a fully-loaded Voyager-B massing in the region of a large cruiser, the ship is capable of safe descent and landing, even through turbulent atmosphere onto undeveloped bare ground. Once grounded the vessel's modular components are detached and set up as permanent surface installations, with the vessel serving as a command centre until the colony's ground facilities are ready to take over. Once its task is complete, the stripped Voyager-B core vessel can either be returned to an industrialised world to be overhauled and reused by a new expedition, or retained by the colony as an unremarkable but reliable transport and cargo hauler.

Variants of the Voyager-B exist to provide the hardware for a number of colony profiles: planetary agricultural or mining, asteroid mining, scientific bases, even establishing military outposts, provided the ship will not be called upon to defend itself during its own mission; since the core hull's role is largely identical no matter what sort of colony it's carrying, it is generally limited only by the availability of hardware to be fitted to it to offload at the other end of its journey. The one colonisation role the Voyager-B is unsuited for is population transport - given the engineering and space demands of its hardware role, it can afford neither the interior volume nor the life support capacity for a colony-sized passenger complement, requiring colonies to ship their people in using traditional transports.


  • The basic frame of a Voyager-B class vessel was extensively refitted at Serifia's Temple Sound shipyards to become the independent medical vessel Eunoia.

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