A salarian, a female who originally took a male persona.

On her own from a young age, "Vox" lived awhile on the docks, hungry but never starving. Eventually the young salarian was taken in by a turian trader, an old man who never had children of his own. He noticed how well Vox handled an omni-tool and taught the child programming skills.

Not so much shifty as enigmatic, Vox survived as a freelance programmer with a talent for system integration and modest decryption skills. The results were stable though sometimes a little unorthodox and difficult to modify. Vox was much more leery of accepting contracts for offensive software, though, and focused more on general utility applications or specialty software.

Vox disliked associating with other salarians in person. As a general rule she was cautious rather than antisocial, content to observe until sure of a plan of action. She possessed a curious nature and was keen to broaden her range of skills. For one so keen to stay out of the spotlight Vox had a bizarre fearlessness in the defense of those she called allies.

She ended up in a relationship with the turian, Vindetti Guerra.


Vox and Vindi have a day out: On Solregit.

Girls In The City: Vox and Vindi on the Citadel.

Much Adieu about Froglets: Vox prepares for her first clutch.

Two Salarians, One Bar: Vox and Aphin share a drink.

Something Unspoken: Vox and Vindi's relationship.

All Wrapped Up, No Place to Go: Vindi's birthday.

The New Normal: Domestic life.

But Do They Serve Cake?: Vindi reciprocates on Vox's birthday.

Couples Therapy: Concerns of the pregnant Vox.

Intensive Care: Vox explains how salarian reproduction works.

To Those Who Wait: The eggs start to hatch.

Lunch at the Pavillion: Lunch with Emon Spiza.

Rifles: Vox helps Vindi through a rough patch.

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