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The Battle of Vonskar, 2140

The Vonskar Coalition? Yeah, they're buying warships, always are. Think they're a bit sore over the Theocracy kicking their ass, way back when the Hierophant was on the warpath.

A nation in the Terminus Systems.

The Vonskar Coalition was formed in 1950 by an alliance between the salarian Clan Edrod, who had de-facto control of half the Vonskar Cluster, the warlord Goronak Kal'Doth, and the separatist turian world of Vel Vae. After months of negotiations, the three groups formed what would become the core of the Vonskar Coalition, then a mere pair of clusters at the edge of the Terminus Systems.

The Coalition has expanded consistently since then, bringing in new governments and worlds that want the protection that it provides, or conquering and otherwise coercing less co-operative worlds to join the fold. Their growth was consistent until the War with the Theocracy of Gruul in 2140, and since Kolar Edrod reformed the coalition in 2153, it has begun to retake its lost territory.

The Coalition boasts a decidedly high standard of living, for a Terminus nation, as well as a robust economy based largely on the export of food to the rest of the Terminus. Since Terran first contact, and the first human colonies in the Terminus, it's been known as sympathetic to humans, allowing human worlds to join the coalition and receive protection from its fleets. The deal has been mutually profitable; the colonies gain protection, while the Coalition gains newly exploitable worlds and productive member-states.

The Coalition is an auxiliary member of the Ad'Thoro Pact, and has close ties with several megacorporations, especially Binary Helix.

Shortly before the Reaper War, the Coalition suffered a devastating loss in a war with The High Republic of Orozvhad. The Reaper onslaught, advancing when the Coalition was at its weakest, was subsequently brutal for Vonskar. Vel Vae burned, and four of her clusters were lost to the Reapers during the conflict. Post war, millions of vorcha have been brought in by the members of the coalition to begin repairs, and the multi-planet megacorps have begun the process of reconstruction, with some success.

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