The Volanti is supposedly a secret order of very rich volus bankers who control the conversion rates of credits in the known galaxy and use the immense amount of money at their fingers to control the universe. Compare with the human Illuminati, the asari Protheanites, the turian Zeroth Legion, etc.

Job Larson explains:

Now, imagine a cadre of volus who are exceptionally gifted not only at manipulating numbers, but making numbers disappear. Whole hidden economies buried under reams of data. Transactions worth billions hidden in the ledgers of every major corporation known to intelligent life, all of them going through the various volus banks as they convert local currency to credits and back. Every dollar you lose in a currency transaction, every credit you think you overpaid, every decimal rounded to the hundredth place in the bank's favor - all of that feeds the gluttonous coffers of the Volanti, who ensure that they keep the machine running to their benefit. Ever wonder why the volus don't truly become a Council race? It's not because they lack an army or military might. It's because they prefer where they are, behind the turian's coattails, keeping us all in the dark while their servants slowly manipulate things as they see fit.

That's the Volanti. They don't exist.

Or do they?



Job Returns: Have the Volanti taken over? We can never be sure.

Under discussion: Can CDN uncover THE TRUTH?

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