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Vohkaidn Knox, post battle.

"Hatred, despair, fear, all of these things, are chains of our own making. And I will never willingly wear chains again"

A former slave who has recently started a new life on the Citadel. He bears a few scars, both mentally and physically, but refuses to let his past dominate who he is.


Born on the Hegemony trade capital of Camala, Vohkaidin has spent the greater majority of his life enslaved. His mother, Janet Knox, the estranged daughter of Lionel Knox, a founding member of Terra Firma, had been captured while pregnant with the unborn Vohkaidin. The identitiy of the father was known only to her.

Vohkaidin himself has no memory of their eventual separation, but believes he was two at the time. He spent the next twelve years in service to a batarian merchant, given no name beyond an identifier number. During this time, most of his time was spent working the kennels, looking after the merchant's private animal stock. He grew into a strong young man, and at the age of fourteen, was sold to an offoworld purchaser, who brought the young human to Logasiri.

For the next six years of his life, Vohkaidin struggled to survive against both the unending, back breaking labor and the planet's already hostile environment. Logasiri itself, barely a step above a carbonaceous asteroid, has the highest speculated death toll of slaves for any world in the Hegemony. During this time, Vohkaidin recieved several facial scars, evidence of either an accident, or an intentional wounding. Knox himself does not clarify which.

During his twentieth year of age, he was sold once again, the mine he'd been working in drying up, forcing his owner to sell his slave stock in order to compensate for his lost investments. Vohkaidin was sent offworld, where fate intervened in the form of the Niirkas, a Hierarchy frigate that liberated the captured slaves. It was at thist time that Vohkaidin made a lasting friendship with Sorik Vohkaidn, one of the turians who liberated him. Their companionship had a lasting effect on the former slave, to the point that when Sorik died during the battle of the Citadel, Vohkaidin, to honor his fallen friend, decided to use his surname as his own.

For the following four years after Vohkaidin's liberation, he was kept in a psychiatric ward on the Citadel, where he was slowly educated and prepared to be introduced into society. Finally, he was deemed fit, and given a small stipend to help him get on his feet, along with periodic observation to see how he was adjusting.

It was around this time that Vohkaidin discovered a particular news forum....

Post CDN History


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