A garden world in the Hoc system, now the site of several bustling colonies.

The planet’s vast seas and orbital position on the inner life zone have created a wide equatorial band of humid, tropical terrain. Only the political instability of the region impeded efforts at colonization, at least prior to the Reaper War.

Native fauna includes sea-sponges and so-called "pod crabs", which subsist on smaller mollusk-like creatures found in shallow waters and tidal pools. They’re generally non-hostile, and for the most part seem oblivious to anything going on around them beyond their next intended meal.


Many times, the Citadel opened negotiations with various criminal gangs and petty dictatorships in the nearby Terminus Systems. All fell apart due to internal power shifts within the opposing parties. The Citadel thus wrote off the colonization of Virmire as impossible without significant political change. The Terminus powers themselves were unlikely to ever settle the planet; most lacked the resources to support settlement of a virgin world, finding it more expedient to steal from their neighbours than build for themselves.

Things changed after the Reaper War. Transients, refugees, and other sentients caught in the cluster during the war’s final moments didn’t ask twice to settle the Hoc System’s lone garden world, accomplishing what Terminus and Citadel nations had failed to do for centuries. Most promising settlement sites on the equator and coastline are now dotted with permanently grounded spaceships, prefabricated shanty towns and basic factories.

Much to the colonists’ surprise, the destroyed remains of an advanced facility were found on the planet. Radiocarbon dating has revealed that the site was hit with nuclear weapons in the past decade, raising many questions. The quarantine surrounding the site doesn’t help to quell them...

Points Of Interest

An Ethiopean/Orozvhad fusion restaurant, ran by a human-turian couple. It offers meals for both chiralities, a TV for the sports-inclined, and a gorgeous view of the local coast. The interior is distinctly turian in design, taking heavily from post-war Fheng architectural styles.

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