Sarah Lynn Thompson (b. 2156) is a human currently living on the Citadel. A Second Lieutenant in the Alliance Navy, Thompson is a former agent of Cerberus, joining the organization at the age of 17 and leaving at the age of 30 in 2186.

She has a son, Albert Viros (named for two acquaintances on CDN to whom she owes a lot).

Early Life

Born on Friday, April 2nd, 2156, the youngest of three children of John and Maria Thompson, both pro-human activists in a fervour after the recent First Contact War. Originally swept up by Terra Firma, John and Maria left the organization and moved off of Earth to the relatively new colony Bekenstein, taking Sarah and her two brothers Will and Derek.

Due to in-uetero exposure of element zero, Sarah began to show signs of biotic potential at age two, marking her as a subject of interest by her parent's new benefactors. 

Threads of Note

Paranoia has its Price: Sarah meets Viros Fenon and begins to make her escape from Omega during the Cerberus Raid, with the help of Viros and Kimon Fotis. Sarah gets shot in the face, but escapes Omega aboard a Titan vessel.

The Morning After, Surely, Just Another Day at the Office: Sarah and Kimon blow the whistle on Cerberus. Cerberus agents attack. Sarah obtains a pardon for her activities while a Cerberus operative.

Salvation: Sarah is at St. John Paul the Great Children's Shelter, and talks with Father Kevin.

PANIC!: The Reapers are hitting the Citadel; it's chaos in the wards.


My Friend, The Ex-Terrorist: A talk with Nat (Natalie King).

Catching up followed byWelcome to the Alliance: Sarah and Pharos; two ex-Cerbies now working for the Alliance.

Humanity's Shield: Thompson and RememberTheBlitz have a discussion about Cerberus's legacy.

SATAE Emperor Is Born: The infant son arrives.

Raising Money For The Needy: After the Entish attack, Sarah decides to be charitable. She's quickly called out by Titus Scapula and others for trying too hard to be "a good person" and make amends.

The Emperors New Guest: Hosting Daia T'Nara.

The Charity Dinner Open Thread: Attending, and performing at, the Official Leaving the Ducts Fundraising Dinner.

The Emperor's Initial Conquests: Cooking for a Friend.

Blood Money: With Kayana Pesh.

The Examination: A meeting with the psychiatrist.

Auld Lang Syne: Sarah hosts a New Year's Party for CDN regulars.

Stop Antagonising Each Other!: The unpleasant atmosphere on CDN is clearly starting to get to her, as she stresses about the regulars sniping at each other all the time.

Remnants of the Past: "The person I was waiting for has a lot in common with me, but I'm afraid I don't feel up to task posting to you on that den of hostility our data-capture forum has turned into at the hands of the salarians and posers."

Let's Get FUBAR'd: Sarah and Paul meet with Nat on Eden Prime.

Fathers: Sarah talks about hers.

Mothers: A counterpart, really.

How Can I Be A Good Step-mon?: Something else to fret about. Not helping are the CDN posters who still won't let anyone forget her former crimes.

Confrontational: Still on Eden Prime, Sarah tries to help Nat.