Verrat seputus is a turian dish, regarded as easy to prepare and easy on the gizzard, making it good comfort food. The recommendations below come from Harrad Illum.


  • 1 kg cut of verrat (pork)
  • 250 mL palma juice (orange juice)
  • dashes of hot sauce, to taste


Cut the verrat into large cubes. I go by two talon-blades wide, but whatever suits you. In a small, airtight container, mix the meat with the juice and hot sauce (you don't need the hot sauce if you don't want it). Store it in the fridge and let it marinate for anywhere from an hour to overnight. When you're ready to cook, just take out the meat, don't worry about the juice.

  • Spices: What you need to do is roll the cubes in spices. I've always cheated and used Shastina Emperus's Invictus Blend, but if you want, you can make your own with ground cyminum, ground capsum, nahaut flakes (all in equal amounts), with a bit of salt added in. What you need is enough to coat each cube thoroughly.

Cover the meat in a baking dish, so that it's sealed entirely. Put it in an oven at about 90C, and leave it in there for hours. 6 galactic standard hours works, but you can get away with less or more. Really, if you have any sort of normal job, you can put it in the stove before you leave, and pull it out when you come home. Once it's cooked, drain any fat and juices, and take a fork to the meat, shredding it. If it's not falling apart when you touch it, it's not yet ready.

Serve on bread.

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