A conflict in the Tangeal Expanse.

Duration: 1996-2015

Combatants: Velkan Loyalists, Ishnan Rebels, Joseo and Yuke

The salarian Ishna clan, feudal overlords of the Gallom system, launched a coup to replace the ruling Velka monarchs - with the discreet support of Joseo, who wished to weaken their rivals. The following civil war divided the Principality of Velka in two along a byzantine network of family connections for 19 years, until the rebellion was crushed. Taking place entirely within the local superpower's borders, damage to civilian infrastructure was considerable. The combatants being bound by the same feudal honor system, they attempted to conduct pitched battles outside settlements, but foreign contractors who didn't operate under the same rules complicated the situation.

Both Joseo and Yuke probed the Velkan frontiers during the war, but border fleets unaffected by the internal strife rebuffed their attempts to penetrate.

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