Much like its fraternal twin Manticore, Vedrfolnir is the result of the nationalization and centralization of a number of crucial aerospace assets. It permitted Titan to streamline its naval infrastructure and manufacture Archivist-derived designs on an industrial scale. Little of what the company does is new, the primary effort at the moment being devoted towards the reincorporation of existing technology, implementation of next generational frames, competitive upgrades, and production versus a complete rehaul of the ship schematics and architecture as required by the company's sparse navy. The strategy has been successful: Verdrfolnir has enabled its parent company to field multiple battlegroups of varying capabilities, begin replenishing its Reaper War losses within a fairly reasonable span and even to continue selling the surplus to other states, corporations, and agencies. Verdrfolnir is based out of the Lighthouse.


Jahanathryna, soul name: Cartographer of the Myriad Seas, is something of a rarity at the Lighthouse: a hanar that is not only interested in corporate affairs but actively pursues both access and advancement. One of the chief designers of the biomechanical drones that patrol and protect the megastructure and one of the first hanar to collaborate with the new regime, his advice and leadership have been crucial in smoothing over tensions between the civilian population of the space station and the new Administrators. Prior to the subsidiary’s foundation he was one of the most vocal proponents for the augmentation of the habitat’s defenses. Accepting the corporation’s offer has allowed the hanar to pursue his own pet projects even as he devotes his intellect and organizational skills to bolstering the company’s naval infrastructure. The vast shipyards and drydocks, the battlestations and defensive satellites that now surround the Lighthouse are largely his doing.</p>

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