Vaun (alias)
261 at last sighting
Date of Birth
1925 Terran
Freelance mercenary
Marital Status
None known
None known
Character Status
Presumed deceased

Vaun is an asari freelance mercenary, last known to be living on Omega. She has not been in contact with CDN, or past business associates, since before the Cerberus seizure of Omega, and is currently presumed dead.

Vaun (an alias, real name unknown) does not appear to have led a life of any particular note prior to joining the Eclipse mercenary corporation; since she earned promotion at a respectable rate in her chosen role as an enforcer, it may be presumed she had huntress training at the least. Vaun served in an Eclipse unit commanded by Captain Naarada Avera, and to all appearances was a reliable member of the corporation. During this time she formed a personal relationship with Jalessa Lishi, her unit's data retrieval specialist.

Several decades ago, for reasons unknown, Captain Avera took it upon herself to attempt to execute Vaun. It initially seemed that both Vaun and Jalessa died in the ensuing skirmish, however since Vaun reappeared after a 36-year period during which there is no record of her, it seems only Jalessa was killed. No doubt motivated by her lover's death, Vaun now bitterly hates the Eclipse organisation.

She currently lives on Omega, where she performs the majority of her work; on some occasions she will take jobs requiring off-station travel, but these are the exception rather than the rule. Although she has developed a modest reputation as a skilled combatant and a meticulous operative, fulfilling contracts she takes to the letter regardless of difficulties that arise, and would be regarded a worthwhile asset, she has not formed any lasting alliance with any mercenary group on the station other than to provide standard security payments to the controllers of her residential district.

Vaun's personality is cold and reserved. She has a biting sense of humour, but rarely airs it; she tends to become bored of social interaction quickly, and outside of business dealings (in which she is distant but civil) she tends to display contempt for the majority of her fellow Omegans. She has openly stated that she regards mercenaries as a symptom of social decay, and does not exclude herself from that judgement. Her professional activities appear to be means towards a distant end, which comments she has made indicate involves a planned revenge on the Eclipse, but she has not yet taken any open moves against them, nor does she go out of her way to incite conflict with Eclipse members on the station. It is evidently a component of her plan that she will die during its execution, a prospect she seems to regard with unfeeling fatalism.

Out-of-character notes

Vaun's photoshopped appearance is based on images of Rhona Mitra.

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