Vargr are a species of apex predator reptilian carnivores from a jungle deathworld. They are used as combat animals by corporate militaries. Primary entity training them is Orochi's Project Sköll. The Vargr are popular in the Abyss to the point of a joint Incorporated States Biological Warfare Command/Ethical Compliance task force being formed to deal with profilerating theft of intellectual property associated with the Vargr training process.


The Vargr is product designation for the species xhasyda. They are native to the tropical basins and river deltas of Syo-Ba's single continent. Natural defenses feature keratinous plates over armored scale and slick hide, and mantle of spines and spikes that spill down the back and bristle out at the tail. Offensive means include vicious claws and intricate system to project flammable secretions.

Xhasyda are social animals that assemble in semi-fluid pack hierarchies. Individuals cooperate with their peers, direct their inferiors, and are directed in turn by older and more cunning seniors. Xhasyda communities establish territories, that they defend from rival xhasyda and other predators. They are capable of coordinating with each other to hunt prey larger and faster than themselvse.

They nest near rocky jungle spars and lay their eggs in the shallow pools that collect in the crevasses. The temperature, humidity, and oxygenation must be right for healthy offspring to hatch. Hatchlings emerge fully autonomous and fully capable of maiming people in minutes of breaking out.


The xhasyda have a sophisticated system of threat displays, body language, and play-acting in order to ascertain and determine their position social structures; a feature which has been nurtured in the warbeasts. Properly applied it allows for handlers to be enormously effective in utilizing their assigned packs, handling them like a veteran xhasyda would adolescents and hunters.

However both xhasyda and their descendants the vargr can become frustrated in social isolation. Understanding of subtle distinctions and nuances of the animal's posture is important to avoid provocation and injury.

Batarians with their habitual eye towards social cues, have proven to be remarkably effective in this role and similarly eye-endowed Yahg are also expected to be proficient for this task.


  • Strategically vargr units and their handlers are placed either alongside assault teams or on the fringes of the battle. The animals' fire-breathing and modern communication can be used to herd enemy units into warbeast ambushes and marksman crossfires.
  • Vargr are fond of Ms. Palrash's™ brand ice cream, particularly the Decopolitan Deluxe, Madrithlid Fruit Medley, and Fudge Brownie 'N Chocolate-Chip Cookie Dough flavors. Strategic application of the desert when working with vargr units is included in handler operations manuals and it's importation accounts for a full five percent of Project Sköll's budget.

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