Urdnot Soruk
Urdnot Soruk
Date of Birth
Sol System
Marital Status
Clan Urdnot
Character Status

Soruk is a 400-something krogan hunter and mercenary. Formerly an Urdnot Scout on his native Tuchanka, he has spent the last 5 decades living in the wilderness on various planets around the galaxy. He considers himself a hunter, and enjoys pursuing both four and two legged prey. He works as an all around mercenary, a bounty hunter, and as pest control clearing out varren infestations (or worse) on frontier colonies. Recently he has taken up residence on earth and spends a lot of time on the citadel in a diplomatic capacity on behalf of Clan Urdnot, chosen becuase of his experience dealing with aliens.

He prefers to be quiet most of the time, when he does speak it is blunt and to the point. He is fatalistic, even compared to his krogan brethren, a viewpoint stemming from an incident 50 years ago when a job in the terminus turned sour and his krantt was murdered by their employer. The genophage cure has been giving him a dose idealism.

He is of average height and build for a krogan, with a distinctive webbing of scars on the left side of his chest caused by thresher acid. When not wearing his armor he wears clothing made of animal skins, and a thresher tooth around his neck.

Unusually for a krogan he favors a sniper rifle and other precision instruments. He looks down on those who have no patience and cannot accurately place their shots.

In contrast to his preferred firearm, he is also skilled in demolitions and has put them to good effect on several missions.

He is currently accompanied by nearly grown varren pup named Krak.

He possesses an old model batarian shuttle that he "acquired" on of his jobs.

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