View of Ur from space.

A planet of the Systems Alliance.

Ur is a world in the Irkallu System of the Exodus Cluster, known primarily for its extensive Iridium mines and the damage it sustained in the Reaper War. It's a terrestrial world just inside the habitable belt of its star. It has an average temperature of negative twelve degrees Celsius; essentially, it's a blasted iceball with a tiny, though developing, ecosystem in its northern hemisphere. The colony of Ur is situated on the equator.

Ur was, before the war, marked for possible terraformation into a garden world. With a population of forty thousand and extensive Iridium veins across the planets surface Ur had a bright future before the Reaper War.

The war itself was devastating for Ur. The habdome that sheltered the colonists was destroyed when a patrol frigate in the Alliance Seventh Fleet was shot down by a Reaper Troop Transport, and two Troop Transports and a Processor landed to deal with the colonists.

Unknown to the colonists, Ur was riddled with indoctrinated, both in its tiny local garrison and in the civilian population. Thousands died or were processed in the first few days, and the fight on Ur quickly turned into a terrified, doomed resistance movement. Miraculously the resistance on Ur managed to keep the survivors alive long enough for the Reaper War to end, and within a few months in-cluster trade was re-opened with the remains of Terra Nova and Eden Prime, and though things weren't pleasant, surviving robo-miners allowed Ur to partially begin reconstruction.

Things changed once the Relay opened and SATAE took control once again. With almost all of their iridium requisitioned for the reconstruction of Earth the repair efforts on Ur ground to a halt due to lack of resources. While the Alliance brought some basic gear to keep the colony running, some robo-miners, low-end heaters and seeds and Cyanobacteria for the surviving Greendome, the supplies weren't enough to offset the lost Iridium, and Ur's reconstruction entered a death spiral.

Unable to sell off Iridium existing reconstruction efforts failed due to lack of supplies, while several others began to fail because Ur could not muster the resources to maintain them. The Alliance, due to reconstruction efforts on Earth, refused to lessen their Iridium requisitions, while requests for more supplies simply disappeared into reams of paperwork, or were refused by bureaucrats on Earth who decided that sending more supplies to Ur was 'inefficient'.

Ur's current population is about two thousand, a tiny fraction of the prewar population of fourty thousand, who are packed into a small block of prefabs in and around the Ur University. Though they were strong Alliance supporters prewar, separatist sympathies are beginning to grow in the remnants of the colony.

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