A - we might say the - historical drell.

The Unspoken King was Kalidan XVII Abraxas. He was notable for a sixty-year reign beginning in 1724 that, for the first and only time in drell history, unified Rakhana under a single government. Although Kalidan started out with the entire northern continent under his control, he still had to bring the other two into line; at the time, being able to subdue the west was generally considered totally impossible - he was, in fact, told so to his face by his viziers, at which point the records quote him as saying “If the Ulmayems are unassailable, then to assail them shall be a splendid challenge indeed”. Unexpectedly, he did it: it took only eight years to completely erase the Ulmayem Dynasty in the west, and it was accomplished almost entirely through military genius.

“The man ate, slept, and breathed combat, it was really quite impressive. There are exactly three instances in the histories of him ever being seen in public out of his armour”.

At the height of his power, from 1760 or so onwards, the Unspoken King controlled the entire planet and all of its resources. He had something like half a thousand wives (the records vary slightly there) and commanded an army that was millions strong, and every day he made a hundred sacrifices to Amonkira at the summit of the Divine Spire. People were deifying him even before he died, and with good reason; it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say he was literally the most successful drell in history. Tales spread that the obsidian armour he wore made him impervious to any weapon, that he had seduced Arashu and sired a god-child, that he could call down lightning from the sky and commanded arts that even the high priests couldn’t comprehend.

In 1784, fast approaching the end of his natural lifespan, he abdicated the throne (creating a massive power vacuum that would swiftly tear the empire apart once he was gone) and, in his final address to Rakhana, claimed he needed to rest for now, but that when he was needed, he would return if called upon. With that, he supposedly entered the temple at the bottom of Mt. Gedrah (the same volcano from which he’d forged his armour) and disappeared into the earth, never to be seen again. Inevitably, mythological depictions of him went wild at this point.

A few tried to find his final resting place (presumably in an attempt to prevent Rakhana from ripping itself to pieces), but with no success.

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