Unoth and Kaire is a creation myth of the drell, relating the birth of the drell species and the origin of their eidetic memory.


Long ago, the goddess Anhira was still young and vain, possessing the desire to be praised by others. However, the other deities of the drell pantheon were much older and more powerful than she and would heap only scorn upon the upstart goddess.

So Anhira created the first drell out of Rakhana's sands, a male and a female. The two drell, Unoth and Kaire, loved each other and bore many children who all venerated Anhira as a protector.

But their praise was not enough for Anhira, who began lusting after Unoth, her creation. And while Unoth worshipped Anhira as a goddess, his heart belonged entirely to his wife, Kaire.

So Anhira spoke to Aspas, the trickster god, for advice on gaining Unoth's affection. Aspas told her that she must kill Kaire, for only while she lived could Unoth love her. And Anhira created a great vine, from whose fruits she brewed into a drink most toxic.

And so Anhira gave Kaire the poison, which she masqueraded as an elixir that would grant her immortality. But Kaire did not want to be immortal without her husband, so she gave Unoth a cup as well.

Anhira smirked on her heavenly throne, confident that Unoth's love was hers. Yet she realized her error upon hearing the wails of Unoth's children, now bereft of their parents.

Stricken with grief and remorse over her actions, Anhira blessed the memories of Unoth's children so that they may never forget the love of their parents. And Anhira dedicated herself to nurturing and protecting all future generations of Unoth's descendants, changing her name to Arashu, who is known as the drell goddess of motherhood and protection.