James B. Ward
James Ward
Username: Uninvited_Haggis
Species: Human
Age: 19
Date of Birth: 2170
Place of Birth: Aldrin, Collins System, Armstrong Cluster
Occupation: Security, Eezo Bar
Location: Kithoi Ward, Citadel
Marital Status: Single
Eye color: Blue
Hair Color Brown
Height: 6'0"
Build: Medium/Athletic
Affiliations: None

James Ward is a former colonist and current citizen of The Citadel. He immigrated in 2189 from a small colony in the Armstrong Cluster.

Early Life

Born in 2170 on the planet Aldrin, Collins System, Armstrong Cluster to Geoffrey and Alice Ward. He had two siblings, Geoffrey Jr., and Rebecca. When he was 8, his sister, then a toddler, was kidnapped whilst the family was on vacation on the Citadel. His mother never recovered from the emotional trauma. His father gave him supplementary education in weapons, science, philosophy, and machine repairs.

On his eighth birthday, his brother signed up with the Alliance marines, and James from then on trained to be able to join the marines when he was of age. These plans went awry at the onset of the Reaper War.

At the age of 12, James lost his left leg to a threshing machine on a farm. In order to live a normal life, his parents took out several loans to pay for a cybernetic replacement. Discrimination due to this would lead to his leaving the colony.

The Reaper War

At the onset of the war, James was alone on Aldrin, his parents on vacation on Benning and his brother stationed on Earth. The closure of traffic from the city they were vacationing in caused his parents to be stranded on Benning, and they soon lost contact with each other. Aldrin soon went under martial law, and the populace was forced underground into the cave systems beneath the colony. They survived on air drops, retrieved by colony security personnel, and a seemingly unending supply of small, rodent like carnivourous creatures. After months, a small detachment of marines arrived to declare that the Reapers had been defeated, but many had been lost during the war. Among the dead were James's brother, Geoffrey Jr., and his parents, who died in the chaos on Benning. Seeing nothing left for him on Aldrin, James left.

He joined the crew of a small trading vessel, the Protea, and worked there under the command of Captain Vallokius, a turian veteran; for several months before leaving them and settling on the Citadel, in hopes of starting a new life and maybe finding out what happened to his sister so many years ago.

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