Ullu'Sibrat vas Jirko
Species: Quarian
Age: 47
Occupation: Flag Officer
Location: Rannoch
Marital Status: Married to Sudit'Sibrat vas Jirko
Affiliations: Patrol Fleet

Captain Ullu'Sibrat vas Jirko is the former communications officer and recently the newly-promoted captain of the Jirko, a Migrant Fleet Lorica-class Cruiser modified by having portions of a Xaphin-class Freighter attached onto the underside to form a much larger cargo bay and additional decks. She is also the wife of Ullu'Sibrat vas Jirko and the mother of Yuhna'Sibrat nar Jirko. While initially dismissive and condescending to her daughter's withdrawn personality, she was pleased when she discovered her skills at fixing the turian-designed systems of the Jirko, and encouraged her talents as much as possible, even going to the lengths of assigning an escort for her Pilgrimage, a fellow young quarian named Moto'Fywil nar Jirko. Sadly, Moto was killed on Anhur, and Yuhna was presumed dead as well. Ullu continued to serve on the Jirko, and helped to try and take Rannoch from the geth, taking control of her husband's ship after peace was declared. Since then, the Jirko and her new captain have remained a part of defending Rannoch and the Perseus Veil.

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