GDI Orca

Type 4 Gunship, as shown in advertisement.

Class Name: n/a (Alliance Designation: Type 4 Terminus gunship) Ship Classification: Gunship

The Type 4 is one of the more common gunships in the Terminus Systems. The basic design dates back to the century old turian "steel claw" series of gunships but has been altered by many manufacturers. Produced by many different manufactures with varying quantity and quality ranging from industrial standard to back-water workshop it has become iconic among the population.

There are countless alteration to the design in service, but all share the common framework and the iconic hover engines at each side and a one-use single-stage rocket engine for entering a low orbit for short time. VI-Support makes it possible to have only one pilot. Type 4 relies on its hover engine for flight, sporting only a small E0-core making it cheap to produce but hard for a pilot to fly.


Its most common load-out are ML-77 Missile batteries, a nose-mounted HMG and several packs of flares. The introduction of anti-material rifles marked the start of the decline of the popularity of the Type 4. It is also vulnerable to dedicated anti-air weapons and platforms and the age of its century old inspiration shows in contrast to more agile and armored modern counterparts.

Role: close air support

OoC-Notes: It is the AK47 of Gunships. I though the 'boxy' and 'rugged' look of its inspiration would fit well within the Terminus systems.

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