Type-S Heavy power armor is actually an add-on designed to be worn on medium or light hardsuits. It was designed for the purpose of conducting infantry assaults.

The applique armor frame contains no kinetic shielding generators and its protective capabilities are solely provided by additional armor plating. This is not its key feature however. Type-S comes with a recoil brace designed to enable the wearer use heavy-recoil guns at ease, turning crew-served weaponry into portable ones for the user. Most of the frame's lifting capabilities are expended on the recoil brace and bearing its own weight, preventing use of the armor for dedicated heavy lifting.

ERS Power Frames manufactures the power-loader frame of the armor, and the product is offered as base unit with customization options, making it not a mass produced model, but neither truly one of a kind.


Created by Modulator_Demodulator

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