Promotional image for Tupari Yellow (Terran banana) flavour

Tupari® is a brand of energy drink, available in levo and dextro varieties and many flavours. Depending on the drinker, Tupari® tends to be described as either extremely habit-forming (critics suggest it is intentionally made to be as addictive as possible under Citadel laws governing energy drinks), or utterly vile; the only matter fans and detractors of the drink seem to agree on is that it is far from healthy.

Tupari® is also notorious for the aggressive nature of the promotional campaigns deployed by its ad kiosks and vending machines, which are often accused of being unnecessarily loud, intrusive, and offensive.

Tupari®'s main rival in the energy drink market is Paragade.

The record for most Tupari consumed in one sitting is likely held by Jorgal Dwick, due to ... what happened Here...

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