Promotional image for Tupari Yellow (Terran banana) flavour

Tupari® is a brand of energy drink, available in levo and dextro varieties and many flavours. Depending on the drinker, Tupari® tends to be described as either extremely habit-forming (critics suggest it is intentionally made to be as addictive as possible under Citadel laws governing energy drinks), or utterly vile; the only matter fans and detractors of the drink seem to agree on is that it is far from healthy.

Tupari® is also notorious for the aggressive nature of the promotional campaigns deployed by its ad kiosks and vending machines, which are often accused of being unnecessarily loud, intrusive, and offensive.

Tupari®'s main rival in the energy drink market is Paragade.


Aphin Ambarto was once tasked with discovering who had been stealing Tupari soda from the vending machines on the Presidium. It turned out it was volus politician Pretek, who was using an unverified Tupari employee ID for personal use, probably obtained on his last tour of the Tupari corporate headquarters.

The record for most Tupari consumed in one sitting is likely held by Jorgal Dwick, due to ... what happened Here...

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