The Star's Fortune, a typical Model 1200

The Troia class frigate, standardized as the '1200 model' is an outdated turian design from sometime before the First Contact War. Known for their modability as well as their ability to take copeious amounts of abuse, the Model 1200s were notheless slow and generally ineffective in battle. They were shortly decomissioned after Shanxi, where the few Troia that participated in the navel battle demonstraited the flaws inherent in the design. While the design was discontinued and the ships decommissioned, some Troia's were still put to use by the Hierarchy for minor work such as cargo shipping. Many of the decommissioned Troias were also sold to the private market where they found mainstays as tugboats, freight ships, and cheap defensive ships for poor colonies.

Notable Ships of this Model:

  • The Aeneas (The Star's Fortune)
  • The Diyu (The Tian)

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