The Tribune is a courier vessel class of turian design with asari influences. It has been removed from Turian Hierarchy service, and is found second-hand today.

Formerly a courier boat employed by the turian diplomatic corps, the Tribune-class vessel was part of a batch placed on the second-hand market after 20 years' service to make way for newer replacements (although as the Tribune-class employs asari techniques in construction for a long service life, its relatively rapid replacement may have had more to do with an unofficial arrangement between the corps and the new model's manufacturer).

The ship has two decks: a flight deck and a main deck which is the primary interior space of the ship. Typical to turian design, the main deck is modular and capable of being quickly reconfigured to accommodate various numbers of diplomats and staff.

The Tribune-class was intended for use in the Hierarchy's peaceful interior, hence it possesses no weaponry as cost-cutting measure. It has powerful set of engines for its size however to ensure speedy transit and evasion in case of hostilities.