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"Ships like these make me feel safe at night." - Turian citizen of the NHDTA

Owning its name to the roman triarii and the roman figure of speech associated with them, this is the ultimate representation of New Havana Defense Force power. Tasked with leading the fleets into battle and imposing NHDTA rule cluster-wide, they are the pride of this newborn multi-species Terminus faction. Manufactured in cooperation between Kayman Constructions and Logistics and Morval Industries, this well-armed and armored ship is a testimony to the economy and military of the newborn alliance.

Carrying a full wing of Stingray interceptors and massive primary and auxiliary firepower, there aren't many foes in its tonnage that it has to fear. As a concession to cost requirement, this ship sports a relative small E0 core, which limit its FTL speed and sub-FTL maneuverability. Simulations showed that this is an exploitable flaw which the Stingrays are not entirely able to mitigate. Kayman Constructions promised to iron out this flaw in future iterations of this class.

Role: Leading fleets into combat, command-and-control ship of entire battlegroups. Representation of the NHDTA might.

Notes/Interesting Shit: The NHDF employs 15 of these in their 3 fleets, 5 more are in production and another five were bought by other factions within the terminus systems.

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