Tendat Thun, the first Tradivarus to enter service, on its maiden voyage

The Tradivarus Cruiser line was a true beauty, best weaponry and tech a captain could ask for, for the low, low price of three of its competitors. Pity not one saw combat for over a hundred years, and the manufacturer went bankrupt as a result.

The Tradivarus class cruiser was a much-touted turian warship design, first seeing service in the 2040s. Although structurally sound, circumstances conspired to give it a reputation as a non-entity, sealing the line's fate.

Designed to serve as a flagship and command and control vessel in the absence of larger capital ships, Tradivarus-class cruisers could coordinate entire battles from their CIC rooms, synchronizing up to three dozen fighters, and dozen frigates, and six cruisers. It was also often considered the single most effective cruiser of its tonnage class, with state of the art kinetic barriers and electronic warfare suites, two 500m mass accelerators, torpedo bays, ultraviolet GARDIAN systems, heavy secondary gun batteries, and docking facilities for support craft, gunships, and transport shuttles. Its manufacturing costs were considerable, but its capabilities were commensurate with its price tag.

Unfortunately, in the hundred years Tradivarus-class cruisers served with the Hierarchy fleets, none were ever present at any fleet actions. The line was cancelled as a result.

Today, the Tradivarus-class is an ever-so-slightly upscale cruiser, a decent, if rare, flagship, support vessel and co-ordinator for lucky wolfpacks. The two Tradivaruses that have seen combat have fulfilled and surpassed all of their design goals, albeit far too late to save the line.

Known vessels

  • Tendat Thun (Turian Hierarchy)
  • Mutrinex (Turian Hierarchy, still active)
  • Praises of Promises Fulfilled (Vadarat Industries, an Orozvhadi Armory license (see: The High Republic of Orozvhad))

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