The Tour Epira is a single-crew open catamaran race held annually on the asari colony Epira.

One of the most noted sporting events in the galaxy, the Tour runs for ninety local days, covering a multi-stage course based in Epira's Helios Seas. The exact course varies from tour to tour - sometimes producing controversy depending on the areas selected for racing - but certain traditional stages, such as "hurricane highway", are rarely omitted. In addition to course design and race oversight, the Tour's organising committee (based at Harbour Song Yacht Club) maintains a complex set of regulations regarding permitted hull designs, another area often subject to controversial debate among fans and competitors.

Originally open to entrants from C-Space worlds only, requirements were relaxed post-war to permit competitors from any non-hostile nation, Citadel-allied or otherwise, in honour of the galactic cooperation against the Reaper threat. Asari competitors routinely dominate, due to the strong tradition of sports sailing on many asari worlds, though in 2188 (the first post-war Tour) the field also included humans, salarians, two batarians, and a quarian; two-time champion Larissa Vadir of Nevos was nonetheless strongly favoured. 2188 also saw the introduction of the Celda T'Vanse Trophy for Best Rookie, in honour of T'Vanse, the 2186 champion from Attena, Thessia, who died during the war. 37 first-time entrants vied for the inaugural trophy, in a race celebrated for returning the fan-favourite Silent Islands stage to the course.

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