Mythological beings of turian cultural origin.

The orthodox or most common legend states that Opifex the unknowable craftsman created Palaven, following which the Titans strode upon it. These beings included:

  • Ortus (titan of sunrise): Spawned the plants, the animals and in time the first turians.
  • Urbe (titan of unions): Taught them to work together successfully.
  • Vanatoare (titan of the hunt, female): Taught turians how to survive and prosper.
  • Lupta (titan of war, male): The shadowy brother of Vanatoare.
  • Pasiune (titan of love).

As time passed turians took each of the titan's gifts and made them their own, but they were restless even as they founded Cipritine. Then the youngest of the titans appeared, Causam (titan of purpose). He strode out of Temple Palaven and stood before the people, pointing at Menae and Nanus in the sky and challenged the turians to find a way to conquer those lands.

The people took up the challenge, to take up the Cause. As such they no longer needed the titans, who understood then that their duty was completed, and they departed the world. But they promised that even though they would not be there in body, they would always be there in spirit. So the first spirits were formed. As the people expanded and worked toward the Cause, heroes were born and died, but it was ever only the body that left; their spirit remained.

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