Thomas Huntsman was owner and CEO of Huntsman Contracting, a construction company aiding the development of human colonies. He posted on CDN as "Hard_Earth".

His family was from Detroit, UNAS, Earth, although he was born in Columbus, and much of his childhood was spent moving from place to place as needed for the family business. In adulthood, Thomas was a 2nd Lieutenant in the Alliance Navy Second Fleet during the liberation of Shanxi, and rose to Captain, commanding his own ship, by the time of the Torfan campaign, after which he retired. He then lived with his wife Andrea on a farm near Lake Michigan. The couple had six children: Stephanie, John, Alexander, William, David and Amelia; John and William, having joined the Navy, were killed during the Battle of the Citadel.

Huntsman was a member of the Terra Firma party from the time of the Shanxi campaign.

Out-of-character notes

Huntsman's photoshopped appearance is based on images of Christoph Waltz.

Threads of Note

This Hallowed Ground: His death on Reaper-occupied Earth.