A joint taskforce set to provide naval and ground security in the Parnitha System. This came as a response to the wave of piracy that had plagued Thessian eezo production and export in the months following the reopening of the mass relays. The naval part of the taskforce was the newly formed carrier group ERITREA, providing support to the asari navy, with the newly constructed Systems Alliance carrier Picasso serving as its flagship and the Turian Hierarchy cruisers Tramennis and Corinthus, as well as the salarian frigate squadron Letent, serving as escorts. Ground assets included several turian, Systems Alliance, and salarian battalions drawn from emergency response reserves based on their respective homeworlds. Also participating were several Citadel-based charity organizations like Intergalactic Red Cross, Lifebearers, Orphans of War and the Templars. The move drew criticism from several military analysts claiming that it weakened the preparedness of each of the participants’ military forces in a time of unease and reconstruction. The Citadel Council assured that the impact of the taskforce formation would be minimal and that their mission would be a short one.

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