A faction of asari with a philosophy of military preparedness and societal reform, emerging several years after the Reaper War. The Thessian Advancement Front originated on Thessia but enjoys support on several other worlds of the Asari Republics. Gaining initial support from maidens and matrons, several matriarchs considered outcasts with the establishment prior to the war have now backed the TAF.

Lamenting the decline in Republican influence on Citadel military matters in light of the turian-human-krogan alliance, as well as the mismanagement of the Republics' wartime efforts, the Front is actively campaigning on a variety of issues, four of which are considered their core platform:

  • Drastic reform of the collective Republican military into a force capable of withstanding prolonged conflicts, both on the ground and in space.
  • Implementing policies already in place in the Turian Hierarchy and the Systems Alliance, abandoning an allegedly "archaic" doctrine of light, highly mobile hit-and-run forces.
  • Reducing or minimizing the role of seniority in politics, thereby increasing asari society's ability to react to new changes in a timely matter.
  • Creation of "emergency councils" with extraordinary powers, functioning to override peacetime democratic councils and increase agility of policy implementation during times of extreme duress.


Comparisons have been made to the philosophies of the uniquely militant asari world Alveon, though it's unknown if the TAF took any inspiration from them. It is also unknown whether the Front has any ties with Alliance for Change, a movement that preceded TAF's entry into the public eye by a few years.


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