A colony of the Salarian Union. The final days of the Reaper War resulted in an economic collapse in several of its nations, including the neighbouring countries of Himslat and Ver. Both relied on rare elements to support the manufacturing sector, and their founding colonies originally became states in the effort of exploiting these rare materials. Now, with the threat of collapse in one almost certainly causing the collapse of the other, they decided to unify.

This being the Salarian Union, politics complicated the merger. Both countries were named after matriarchs who lobbied for the settlement and mining of Therai: Himslat Riel and Ver Colat. The clans hold these women in high esteem, and the two matriarchs liked each other well enough in life that when the countries were founded it was done in relative goodwill toward one another. After Riel and Colat died, though, the two clans became competitors, causing a number of border disputes. Now, there's ongoing disagreement over what the new, united country should be named, where the capital should be, and who should govern the resulting fiefdom.

Keeping in mind that salarian names are in essence an address, one recurring issue is disagreement over what's more important - the name of the nation or the name of the capital. If either clan gets to define the nation's name, it would be a huge boost to recognition, in part because literally everyone born in that country will have the name as a part of their legal identity. Most of the country's dalatrasses have been traditionally born in either capital city, however - and, again, name recognition is a huge deal when it comes to picking a leader in salarian society. What the eventual leader of this new unified country will be called, and which names she will carry, is Serious Business on Therai, and of practically no interest to any non-salarian.

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