Thel'Adean was able to build this thing in a crappy spaceship! WITH A BOX OF SCRAPS!

Thel'Adean vas Tinketta was a quarian mercenary and a member of AEGIS.

His mother was Kela'Adean vas Rayya nar Moreth, an NCO in the Migrant Fleet Marine Corps, KIA. His father was Yurel'Adean vas Rayya nar Radwaf, an engineer, now deceased due to unusual circumstances.


Rather laid-back. He had a considerable deal of hostility towards acts of species prejudice, however, including recommending while intoxicated that more vocally prejudiced members of Terra-Firma be assaulted. He avoided confrontation on the extranet, though.

Equipment of Choice

  • Predator heavy pistol bought off a weapons vendor on Omega.
  • Tempest PDW with custom optics, stock, and various other mods.
  • Scimitar Combat Shotgun with choke, altered grips, optics, and folding stock.
  • Combat Knife, called "Da'Zei."
  • Tsunami Assault Rifle fitted with compensator unit, tac-light, and laser sighting rigged to be visable only to his helmet, along with "quarian-friendly" grips.
  • Logic-Arrest Omnitool, a gift from Davril.
  • Grenades, has shown talent in their use.
  • Razor sharp retractable blades which he uses with lethal precision.

Threads of Note

The Man's Mens' Night Out: Thel joins Harrad 01 (Harrad Illum), Diplomatic Immunity (Albert Lowell), Idem Quod and others for a men's night out on the Citadel.