Duration: 2030-2035

Combatants: Velka and Joseo

The Velkan Commission on Civil War was created to investigate causes of the recently-concluded Velkan Civil War. From the ruins of the Ishna clan's fortress on their homeworld, evidence of Joseo's support for the clan's treacherous conduct was uncovered. Enraged by this, the First Prince mustered the Velkan soldiery and declared a war on Joseo. However, the Principality, still recovering from the civil war, reacted negatively to the declaration.

Despite being hamstrung by his nobility, the First Prince began to conduct a border war with Joseo with the meagre resources pledged to him, focusing on raiding their nearest system of Seminole. Joseoans reciprocated by raiding the Velkan domain of Dismark. This back-and-forth carried on for five years until the First Prince declared the Federation of Joseo sufficiently punished, the war having achieved little of its stated goals save stroking the egoes of the Velkan nobility.

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