A popular children's show in the Salarian Union. Created for older children, The Talat Five became popular with a number of adults, being considered admirably mature and complex for children's entertainment. A remake was announced post-Reaper War.

It focuses on five salarian youths - The Talat Five - who each embody one of the five core precepts of knowledge. In essence, they're tasked with resisting the plans of a corrupt politician to gain magical control of the Union and from there undermine the galactic order (the series has a complicated backstory). The Five are summoned to Talat (a major Sur'Kesh city that has frequently served as the Union capital) to become guardians of the deeper magics, keeping knowledge of the precepts safe. In the words of Bitterskin: "Saving the world, protecting the community, trying to uncover the enemy's secrets, that sort of thing".

Some aspects of the 2187 remake are controversial. Her Knowingness, a wise matriarch who serves to occasionally guide the Talat Five, is now a krogan - an impressive effort by some well-meaning writers to acknowledge the krogans' "redemption" in the eyes of the galactic community. Given the influence of Urdnot "Eve", combined with the matriarchal structure of salarian society, it seems at least some salarians have found something to admire in the krogans' new setup. Her Knowingness wears a Five-Point Jewel of Wisdom on her forehead (or crest, now)

The Five themselves are named Jiuk (Sur'Keshian female, the leader), Desselek (female from Mannovai) Gestyekti, Frezz (older and younger brothers from Nasurn) and the diving prodigy Hijik (male, originally from Senoquol but in the remake from Farish Vey, partly because having a diver character from Senoquol would be too much of a stereotype now, partly to acknowledge the post-War importance of the trans-basin colonies).

See Bitterskin's rambling review of the first episode here.


Bitterskin's favourite story arc in the original series was the relatively dark (for a kid's show) plot in which Frezz winded up captured by an enemy, and his brother Gestyekti was sent to a master shadow-mage to train in order to rescue him, only to be consumed by anger at seeing how his brother had been hurt.

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