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The Short Hour on DDS is a rapid-fire sketch comedy show on the Dwick Dwickcast Syndykyt. It is is written and performed by a small group of actors, including Terrorbyte, Jorgal Dwick, and the central cast of The Life Egregious. It covers a variety of subject matter, from pranks to satire to musical numbers to the occasional in-house Public Service Announcement.

Reviews for The Short Hour are mixed to positive; it enjoys a considerable following from multiple Terminus worlds and those Council planets that employ minimal censorship standards.

Recurring Sketches on The Short Hour

I Lied, Holmes

Featuring Tethys Reave and Pirouette of The Life Egregious fame, I Lied, Holmes follows them as they set off to show a series of practical jokes of varying degrees, from the Surprise Right Hook to the Thresher Valley Rally.

Meanwhile, in Outer Space

This sketch chronicles the misadventures of two Reapers as they screw around with us mortal folk.


Classical Arthurian Theatre.

_____ With Curr

News anchor and noted renaissance vorcha Curr demonstrates his various artistic talents, from pottery to painting to alligator wrasslin’.

Sing Along with Marz’Rah

Marz’Rah the Quarian comes out and sings a song for the kids. Follow the bouncing ball and sing along with Marz’Rah.

The Hargh Show of Holovision

Hargh’s talk show features guests from all over the galaxy who come to talk about the issues that interest them. They are usually then beaten mercilessly by the Blood Pack.

Episode Guide

S1E1: “Day Trip to the Hospital”

S1E2: “Klassikal Klixens Klub”

S1E3: "the use of irony to mock or convey contempt"

S1E4: "Paid for by the Galactic Breakfast Association"

S1E5: "Lesson Learned"

S3E22: "I Steal Your Turian"