The Sarvhi Blades, occasionally referred to as the S.B. Crew or simply as the Blades, are an up-and-coming mercenary gang that have risen from the fallout of the Reaper War and seem to be flourishing. Led and founded by Neralya Ral'serah and Fenir'Drow vas Shellen, the gang currently controls the Sarvhi district, with influences in the Varzhi, Sroda and Ka’tar districts on Omega, and are currently in the process of establishing a corporate venue on Illium. They seem to be keen on expanding further.


Originally, the Blades were not a gang or a security group at all, but instead a small band of resistance against the Cerberus takeover on Omega. Throughout the occupation, the Blades changed locations and members frequently in the turmoil, yet still maintained enough order to survive the war thanks to the quick-thinking and leadership of its founders. When the occupation was over, the group finally settled in the Sarvhi district, where it would eventually evolve into a gang, and gradually expand as it worked its way towards becoming a legitimate security group, which it continues to do to this day.

Currently, its leaders, Neralya and Fenir, are working on establishing a proper corporate office, called Amaryllis Security, on Illium in addition to maintaining their districts on Omega.


Consisting of approximately 200 members, the Sarvhi Blades are now structured very differently from their humble beginnings during the Reaper War. Although Nera and Fenir are still in charge and have final say in matters, many of the day-to-day tasks are designated to various leaders who have each been given control of specific departments of the company. As it stands, the current major departments of the Blades(And Amaryllis by extension) are Combat Forces, Public Relations, and Information, which are further separated into smaller departments that include, but are not limited to: Transport, Medical, Technical, and Finances. These smaller departments are in turn separated further, in which both small groups and individuals fill in the various niches needed to keep the company running smoothly.


Neralya Ral'serah

Originally just another mercenary on Omega, Neralya, better known simply as Nera, managed to step to the plate and then some during the Cerberus Takeover simply by "being competent and shouting a lot", as she would put it. The truth is a bit more complicated, of course, and she's worked hard to get where she's at- though not too hard, thanks to her partner and co-founder, Fenir.


Fenir'Drow vas Shellen

A quarian who chose to leave the fleet after his Pilgrimage and ended up way-sided on Omega, Fenir ended up as a mercenary for several years just as Nera did, as well as attempting to find less dangerous work in the hacking and technical spheres. Ultimately however his ties with Nera caused him to stand with her during the Cerberus invasion and while he tends to downplay his role in the creation of the Blades he is just as responsible as Nera for its creation. Fenir's idealism and perspective helped to put the Blades where they are now and help make them more than "just another merc group out for themselves".



Fara'Tiel (vas Nedas)

Fara'Tiel is a quarian exile and former member of the Blue Suns, while the exact nature of her departure from the Fleet is not something she has gone into, it is clear her time with the Suns has imparted an understanding of combat and tactics that few are able to match. Her long career as a merc and her status as one of the few remaining original members of the Blades have allowed her to excel as the leader of the Blades' more martial wing. She is loyal, headstrong and pragmatic, understanding the realities of war and combat while being fiercely protective of her people.



Sorek Maedren

A very ambitious person for as long as anyone can remember, Sorek is someone who refuses to fade into the background and very much likes to be involved in everyone's personal matters. Having resided in Illium for years and worked for several companies, he seemingly knows anyone and everyone, and very much likes that fact to be known. If you need someone to put a word in for you, Maedren is the guy you need, and the Blades have used that to their advantage on several occasions. Recently, they've even used his expertise to found Amaryllis Security, their very new corporate branch.




A geth that ended up on Omega after the conclusion of the Reaper War, Spectrum ended up aiding Nera and a group of her people out of a bad situation in one of Omega's districts. Announcing their intention to join the group, thought not being to specific on their reasoning, the aid they offered persuaded Nera and Fenir to give them a shot as a member. The geth rapidly excelled in the Blades' more clandestine wing and before long both founders felt that Spectrum was best suited to lead that whole section of their group. With a dry sense of humour and penchant for trolling their colleagues Spectrum has become a valuable and trusted member of the organisation.



Vara Valek

Head of the Medical and Bio-Research department of the Blades, Vara is one of the original 30-some members, and as a result completely and utterly loyal to the group. She originally spent her younger years in the Hegemony, leaving Khar'shan when she became fed up with the effects the local caste system had on lower-caste individuals. She eventually ended up on Omega, where she gradually gained more knowledge of the various biology of other species and worked hard to help those less fortunate. She continues to do so for the Blades, albeit usually less directly than before. Although an empathetic individual, she does not suffer fools lightly.


Amburo Smalls

Born and raised on Omega, Amburo was originally part of another local gang along with her younger brother up until he was murdered by the Comets, another gang that Nera and Fenir helped disband years before the Reaper War. Upon finding out about this bit of their history, she joined the Blades, and her technical abilities and charming personality eventually allowed her to become head of their Technical and Engineering department. Although a bit stubborn and headstrong at times, Amburo is ferociously protective of those in her charge and would do anything for them.


Fiore Toruga

A former captain of the asari military, Fiore, more commonly referred to as Captain Toruga, ended up joining the Blades in order to live a more adventurous life. She is referred to as Head of Fleet Operations, despite the Blades' "fleet" currently being very small and not technically fleet-worthy. Toruga doesn't mind, however, instead being content to lead people more up-close and personal once more. She is a very loud and exuberant individual, though has a darker past that she prefers not to discuss. She also makes terrible jokes on the regular and is a big fan of puns.


Nargut Sruk

Grumpy and old, yet intelligent and well mannered with an eloquent vocabulary thanks to centuries of doing business on Illium; his financial expertise goes beyond that of most other members of the Blades. His love of numbers can only be rivaled by his irritation towards other people and his ability to manage the Blade's finances more than makes up for his lack of social presence. Working under Maedren Sruk has focused on all things financial for the Blades, and while he may not be the most personable, he is content in his job and respects Nera and Fenir for their ability to create the Blades from scratch.


Other Notable Members

Tarkus Ab'daral

A younger batarian and one of the original members of the Blades, Tarkus is an individual with promising potential despite being a bit rough around the edges. Fenir has taken him on as a protege of sorts, initially helping finesse his tech skills but eventually teaching him more varied skills with the assistance of Nera and the various leaders of the Blades. He seems to be doing well so far, secretly glad that he now has people who believe he can do much more than just being another street kid on Omega.


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