The Sarcastic Salarian (Aphin Protretho)

Aphin Protretho, Intergalactic Badass.

Aphin Protretho
Late 30's
Retired (Previously Mercenary, Soldier, STG Agent, Bartender, Head of Occulus
Unknown (Previously Citadel)
Marital Status
Unknown (Previously Single)
STG, Occulus
Character Status

This article describes the salarian who first used this handle. For the player who uses it now, see Emon Spiza.

Age: Unknown (estimated late 30's)

One of the first posters from the old CDN site, Aphin Protretho was one of CDN's more prolific, outspoken, and "adventurous" members. A salarian with ties to C-SEC, the Special Tasks Group, the Alliance Military, the show Dynasty Maker, and the secret organization known only as "Occulus," Aphin Protretho retired from the boards shortly after the Reaper War to pursue what he called a "well-earned vacation."

Aphin was also instrumental in the long-forgotten QOROQ scandal (see Who Goes There? and Who Goes There 2), which he is reported as having a "significant role" in, as well as several other minor STG-related operations. His location is unknown at this time.  He was the founder of Aphin’s Place, a stately, muted bar on the Citadel with an aquatic theme. Counters hold aquariums for fish from several garden planets, particularly from Mannovai and Solregit, and the back wall features a screen that usually plays videos of oceans from across the galaxy                                           

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