On approach.


Ithul’naghus System in the Drownscaled Tempest region, Rainreaved Ocean cluster.


The Lighthouse was founded around same time as Zhryai’loth, by a radical trans-sapient hanar sect exiled from the Illuminated Primacy. It is jointly governed by native theo-technocratics known as the Deluge of Thirtyfold Currents and One Hundred Hurricanes, and the Titan Corporation. The latter forced itself militarily in 2184 upon the Deluge and added the station into its portfolio of corporate vassalages.


The population of The Lighthouse is overwhelmingly hanar, mostly descended from apostates, heretics, and others excommunicated from Citadel space. This is supplemented by significant numbers of Adruza Salarians in the dry sections of the station.

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