When the Hierophant of Gruul was at his height, rampaging across the Terminus Systems, burning planets and empires to the ground with an ever growing, well supplied fleet, the High Republic was allied with him as a valued trading partner. As a result, it flourished in the years before the Hierophant's deposal, and has continued to gain power in the wake of the Theocracy's collapse.

The High Republic is heavily militarized; stolen or brought ships of Turian Hierarchy or Theocracy design fill their enormous military, and the Republic has begun to use batarian and turian designs to begin crafting their own, new warships to ensure that their fleet stays cutting edge.

The military is viewed as a glorious place to be, and members who join are elevated to low-warrior-caste rank immediately. Soldiers are well trained, and willing to commit to almost suicidal plans of action in an assault if they believe that it is the best course of action.

It is joked that Orozvhad is the only High Republic in the history of the galaxy to actually be a functioning republic. The vast majority of citizens, including most of the slave castes, can vote in Orozvhad, and it is promoted as a positive thing, culturally. The country functions on a three house parliamentary system, with each star system within the public having a selection of representatives. Elections are held every five years, for the legislative branches, who collaborate and vote on the High Chancellor.

The law is strict in Orozvhad, most products are highly regulated, and megacorps avoid the nation as much as possible due to the scrutiny it puts them under. This has resulted in smaller corporations flourishing in the Republic, the lack of stifling megacorporations with entire armies on call meaning that they can use Orozvhad's enormous population to thrive.

Orozvhad uses a modified version of the hegemony caste system, and imports slaves from across the galaxy. Slaves have a relatively high standard of living in Orozvhad, incredibly strict laws and an active police force ensure that those who buy slaves treat them at least as well as the law allows.

In the wake of the devastating Orozvhad-Vonskar Coalition conflict, and the outbreak of the Reaper War, the High Republic allied with the Turian Hierarchy and Terminus Alliance, lending ships, supplies and soldiers to assist in the war against the Reapers, a conflict that hadn't yet touched them.

Military Assets

K-24 Neeru

UWP-07 Channel

The Red Room

In the News

  • A post linking to various news articles detailing the High Republic's actions on the eve of, and during, the Reaper War, is found here.

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