The Fall of Omega occurred shortly prior to the outbreak of the Reaper War itself. A number of Reaper/husk-based creatures (referred to by Cerberus as 'Adjutants') arrived on Omega and caused chaos, increasing their numbers by rapidly converting victims to their own form. Cerberus forces followed, initially promising an alliance with Omega's authorities led by Aria T'Loak, but this proved to be a ruse to allow Cerberus to sieze uncontested control of the station.

A number of CDN members were located on Omega during these events, and participated in the fighting and evacuation. The following list was compiled by The Black Ship.


Hearing some odd stuff from Omega

The first whispers of the attack.

URGENT: Trouble on Omega

Confirmation of the assault, and a stream of live-action reports.

CDN Omega Resistance Network

A network is set up for Omegans resisting the invasion, and trying to escape the chaos.

The Great Escape

The Fall

No Escape

Another board member is lost to the horrors invading the station.

He Who Fights Monsters

A member of the Blue Suns finds himself protecting a civilian.

If You Want To Get Out Alive...

One survivor finds herself cut off from her allies after an ambush.

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