At 12:40, March 8th, 2173, the battle for New Helios was going overwhelmingly in favor of the defending Systems Alliance ships. At 12:45, two Thar'Van frigates entered the system, each of their eight accelerators bringing the wrath of the Batarian people upon the Alliance wolfpack. At 12:55, the Systems Alliance wolfpack was routed, and New Helios belonged to the slavers.

The Thar'Van class assault frigate is a tried and tested dual-role batarian-made warship.

At three hundred and eighty meters in length, it approaches the size of a light cruiser, and carries the firepower to match. In addition to its complement of seven Sharad class interceptors, the Thar'Van supports two 300m spinal mass accelerators, and two 150m auxiliary mass accelerators, a truly enormous amount of firepower for its tonnage. Robust and well-armored, with ample interior space for crew and huge cargo spaces for supplies and spares, Thar'Vans are excellent ships for long patrols or other missions without frequent resupply stops.

Though it has sub-par auxiliary targeting systems, and as a result disappointing GARDIAN performance - a weakness compounded by its utter lack of missile bays - the Thar'Van is considered a reliable, durable and extremely effective ship, and is the center of many Hegemony and warlord formations. Its ability to carry small craft or shuttles, its spacious living quarters, heavy firepower and decent armor has resulted in it being one of the more ubiquitous combat frigates among mercenaries and pirates, especially in the Abyss.

This popularity has led to Thar'Van class frigates appearing in a significant number of films and holo series, becoming something of a stereotypical "disposable bad guy ship," even to the extent that combatants sometimes unwisely underestimate real-life Thar'Vans, having become used to seeing their fictional counterparts defeated so often.

Ships of Note

  • Fury of Vana - crewed by a group of former Hegemony military personnel. Sent by Nelras Tal'dar to contribute to a war council on The Wreck during the Reaper invasion.
  • Ragnarov - operated by AEGIS
  • Ta’ruan’s Net - owned by the pirate Br'uuj.