Turian minds conceived this and turian hands built this. It's a lawnmower.

The Terminax is a product of the Emperus Lawnmower Company, of Invictus.

The condition of a lawn speaks much about a turian's character: Pride. Discipline. The thinly concealed urge to mutilate non-sapient organic life for personal gratification. That grass thrives best which receives the best care and no factor plays a greater part in the development of fine lawns than does the Lawnmower. Now, to the casual observer all lawnmowers might look alike, but the reality is that most are flimsy things that would fall apart after servicing a single clawball pitch in the harsh and unforgiving environs of colonial space.

That is why it pays to buy lawnmowers of known reputation.

That is the reason why experienced buyers ask for:

THE TERMINAX™, latest in the line of hostile environment garden servicing tools from the Emperus Lawnmower Company of Shastinasio - Invictus's Premier Outdoor Power Equipment Manufacturer.


- Developed and tested in the tropical belt of Invictus, home to the toughest vegetation this side of the Terminus Systems

- Handcrafted and assembled with the highest standards in workmanship and materials, guaranteeing decades of reliable service

- Accessibility options kit allows operation of the Terminax™ lawnmower by non-bipedal species. Enthusiastic exclamation: Even elcor can know the satisfaction of a well-kept lawn!

- Lightweight Eezo core provides silent, energy efficient operation and a spectrum of adjustable mass and traction settings to meet your specific environmental requirements - Contra-rotating aggregated carbon nanorod blades that never go dull will ensure all grass is cut equal to new without need for replacement. Each is individually rated to withstand thirty-five (35) pyjak strikes per minute.*

- Our patented Cremare™ fungal and parasite removal accessory, based on the Hierarchy's tried and proven "Hieras" flamethrower, has a 99.7% success rate against all known common garden infestations in Citadel space.**

Terminax™. Now you too can build a house in an Invictus jungle!

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