The Temerarus Program was the name of the Turian Hierarchy's manned moon missions with the stated goal of putting turian boots on the surface of both Menae and Nanus.

The program went through many failures and successes, but the name Temerarus became forever engraved into the turian psyche with loss of Temerarus 8 and all of her crew.

Temerarus 8

The Eighth spaceflight's mission goal was to conduct a manned landing on Menae, the first of its kind in history. The flight proceeded at nominal values from launch to orbit, until the spacecraft began its approach towards Menae. Official records collated from mission control technical readouts and later forensic examination conducted on Menae's surface indicate that a technical malfunction caused the loss of Temerarus 8. Oxygen tanks in the return vehicle suffered catastrophic rupture during maneuvers to align the lander module for detachment.

The crew of four - commander Lilihierax Catto, navigator Aventia Pelovie, lander specialist Pontes Dacoma and return specialist Saren Hierato - were lost. Official cause of death was ruled asphyxiation from exposure to vacuum.

The remains of the Temerarus 8 vehicle orbited Menae thrice in a highly eccentric trajectory before crashing onto the moon's surface. The crash site was declared immediately off-limits from further missions as to ensure the peace of the grave. The lost crew were mourned for a year by state decree. The Temerarus four were not interned until century later when Menae was claimed by the Turian Hierarchy's military forces.

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