One of the five wards of the Citadel, Tayseri Ward was once known for being a cultural epicenter of the arts. Devastated by the geth attack of 2183, the ward was then known for its poor working class and immigrant population, who flooded the ward looking to gain jobs in the reconstruction effort. Interspecies violence became rampant, caused by the competition for jobs and encouragement from organized criminal organizations, who found profit in the atmosphere of hate and paranoia. Deflation of the credit and the galactic economic downturn hit Tayseri worst of all the wards, exacerbating the already poor situation.

(See, for example, the criminal activities investigated by Mira D'Rana).

Many notable tourist and revenue generating locations, such as the Museum of Galactic History, Gaeron Botanical Gardens, and Tayseri Point, remained closed. The most famous of the locations on the Ward, Dilinaga Concert Hall, was still under repairs, with many of the hall's resident dramatic troupes, such as the Dillinaga Opera Company and the Tayseri Philharmonic, using the Auxua School of the Arts' auditorium. Other centers of art and drama re-opened for performances a few years later, most notably the Ceylon Hall.

The ward is also notable for the recent increase of Systems Alliance presence, including a forward command center known as the Alliance Tower.

The Reaper War saw another wave of refugees settling on Tayseri and the emergence of several criminal gangs. 

Notable Residents

See Also

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