A notorious criminal who stalked the Citadel's Tayseri Ward prior to the Reaper War. Harrad Niclo, a former engineer of the Turian Hierarchy who received a dishonourable discharge after an undisclosed incident, murdered a number of people on the Ward through strangulation.

After several months of fruitless investigation, the Strangler was captured in the process of disposing of his latest and last victim's body, one Lilith Coscov, by an anonymous source. The citizen in question promptly called C-Sec, who arrived in time to stop the Strangler's escape.

Niclo was employed by Katalonga Mechanics, and several of his victims were in fact customers to the air car repair shop.

A search of Mr. Niclo's house following his arrest revealed a detailed photo collection matching several of the Tayseri Strangler's victims, with some photos showing the actual act of the murder. At least four new victims were revealed through this album.


A pair of copy-cat killers emerged three years after the Reaper War. A couple of young turian lovers with troubled backgrounds and untreated brain chemistry issues - Makxay Asmbarti and Joxxik Lorrinex - killed 13 people before being apprehended. They used homemade slush bombs filled with an omni-gel purification agent to cover their tracks; it wiped out all the oils and soft DNA residue left behind. It also damaged the bodies, which is how C-Sec were eventually able to track them down. A few hours asking around the docks as to where - and from whom - they could get those substances and the officers had their lead. The couple were shipped to separate prison colonies as part of their rehabilitation.


The original Strangler's name - plus certain details of his life (such as being married to another male turian and having an adopted war orphan child) - are a reference to a board in-joke in which it was jokingly speculated that board member Harrad 01 (Harrad Illum) was in fact the mystery killer.

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