Tanaya Medical Supplies Inc., which trades on the Nos Astra and Illium stock exchanges using the ticker symbol TMD.NA, is a Nos Astra-based medical research and development corporation.

Tanaya specializes in organ replacement therapy as well as much more expensive organ synthesis via cloned tissue. The company is widely recognized for its work on preventing organ rejection, as well as for offering several high-end medications and cybernetic components.

In late 2185, Bur'eche Broadcast News reported that a Tanaya Medical warehouse in Nos Astra had been raided by the Illium police. The raid followed the escape of several humans who had allegedly been kidnapped and harvested for both blood and organ tissue. In a subsequent report it was revealed that the humans and other alleged victims had each signed contracts agreeing to donate just such tissue, and the charges against Tanaya Medical were dropped. While the initial report and circumstances of the raid caused a sharp drop in stock price, Tanaya Medical recovered quickly and sought legal council once it had been made clear that the raid was in error. Despite this success, several human-owned partner companies soon cut ties with Tanaya in protest over the perceived victimization of human contractees. Another drop in stock value was recorded, only to be recovered in subsequent weeks as Tanaya came to be seen as an honest company willing to seek out medical advances by any legal means. Investment on the whole rose as a result of the raid, and Tanaya has since announced several significant breakthroughs.